Welcome to Mahaperiaval Trust!

This trust owes its existence completely to the grace of Mahaperiaval. The purpose of this website is to share the electronic versions of the books published by the trust. We publish the books to be given only as donation to various organizations.

Mahaperiaval trust primarily publishes books on Kshetra Mahatmiyams and the Lord’s glories in the form of Namavalis, Ashtothras, Sahasranamas and Stuthis given to us by the grace of great Mahans in their exalted state for humanity.

We also owe our gratitude to authors : Vaidhya Shri S.V.Radhakrishnan Shastrigal and Shri S.V. Swaminatha Athreya for their contribution in bringing out these books, it could not have been possible but for their profound knowledge of Sanskrit,shastra and devotion to Mahaperiaval.

This trust is run in a humble way only by the grace of Mahaperaival, both in terms of timely guidance as well  as material means.



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